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Shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine
Product name : Shotcrete machine
Item : 65
Price : Shotcrete machine
Details :

Shotcrete machine

Sandy soil spray shotcrete machine 
1.Shotcrete/concrete spraying/gunite for tunnels, hydro-power engineering, mines, underground engineering, 
civil engineering and slope stabilization, etc.
2. Artificial soil seeding for no soil surface, such as rock, sand, and for no fertility soil surface.
3. Refractory material spraying and repair for industrial kilns’ inner liner.   
4.concrete wet shotcrete machine is a new type of high efficient, concrete machinery, mainly used in wet spraying concrete.
5.Wet spray can make mixture mixing evenly.
6.Water-cement ratio can accurate control to water and the hydration of cement, and little dust, small rebound.
7. Concrete good uniformity, high strength.
8.The machine structure is reasonable, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life.
Technical Parameters:


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